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Just when I thought we were done.....

I felt so accomplished when we made it through all the wedding photos and got them all posted. There really are some great photos! We got all the great family portraits that we really wanted. We cannot thank April and Mark, our photographers from Pret-a-Poser enough! But then it occurred to me that we still have thousands of honeymoon pictures to sort through. Ugh. Oh, and we promised everyone a blog, which has become a recap, of our honeymoon escapades. I promise you, dear readers, that these things are all coming. Whenever it is we find the time! And if anyone took pictures at the wedding, send them along our way and we will try and post them here, this way everyone can share! Hope all are well. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!!

Kershaw's photos

Kershaw wins as the fastest to post pictures of the weekend. There is a great one of me and the Minister of Dance! Check them out! http://www.icebrrrg.com/gallery2/main.php/v/icebrrrg/2006/10-erockwedding/ Anyone else who has photos, let me know and I will post a link to them here as well! And, of course, when the photographers' pics are ready we will let you know! Thanks to everyone for making our day so special. We could not have had a better time!

And now it is time for an update......

I've been buried in my books for days. I am so very tired of studying. Today, for better or for worse, I took a bit of a break. It was a much needed break. Mostly because everytime I sit down with a gazillion multiple choice questions all that runs through my mind is that we really need to decide on invitations. So, today, I made that my mission. We finally, after many a discussion and many changes of minds, decided on an invitation, did all the wording, and got them ordered! Yeah, yeah..... i know - I always said we would print them ourselves. We would be creative. Well, frankly, who has that kind of time? They should be shipped sometime next week. Then the evil plan is to put Eric to work on addressing and stuffing and stamping and sealing and all that fun stuff. Keep him busy while I pour over a million more stupid bar prep questions. He is in bed. He will learn of my evil plan when he reads this like the rest of you! Ha HA Ha (that was my evil laugh). [But of course, I will help ;) ] So keep a look out in the mail! [continue reading.....]

we have a photographer!

Eric and I just spent a nice weekend in Chicago. We did menu tastings and interviewed photographers. The menu tastings were very very yummy. So much so that we still haven't made a decision. But we did decide on a photographer! One more thing is accomplished! So many things still to do. But since I have a simulated bar exam this Thursday and Friday, I am headed back to the books.

Long time no post

Sorry I disappeared for awhile. Been busy round these parts. So here is an update....

I had a wonderful weekend with my parents for my graduation. It was great to spend graduation day with good friends and family. The graduation itself was very long and tedious. But I managed to make it across the stage without tripping! And I now have my diploma in hand! Woo woo!

Spent this past weekend in OBX (that is the outer banks of North Carolina, for those of you who don't know) for a lovely wedding. Our friends kate and jim tied the knot in our fav vacation spot. I can't believe they pulled off such a beautiful wedding in such a short period of time. It gave me inspiration!

After Four Long Years ...

I am happy to tell everyone that law school is over! I am D.O.N.E!!!!!!! It has been a long long road, where I've dropped of the face of the planet and missed most of all of my friends. Thank you everyone for your support and patience. Graduation ceremony is the beginning of June. The dreaded bar exam is the end of July. Now, other than studying for the bar, I can return my focus to wedding planning! Woo woo!

last post before exams!

Thanks to all of you who have called or emailed since receiving our save the dates. For the amount of work we put into designing the postcards it is nice to know they were well liked!

Just wanted to give you a short update before I fall into study hell! So this may be my last post for nearly a month!

I bought my shoes for the wedding. I can't seem to find a picture of them online anywhere. Guess I will have to dig my digital camera out! Eric and his father looked overjoyed when I dragged them shoe shopping with me! :P

We desperately need to make it to Chicago, but alas cannot find the time. Damn you exams!!!!!!! Can anyone create another week or two for us in the month of May?

Check one more thing off the list!

The Save-The-Dates are in the mail! I feel like I can go back to studying for finals now! Can you believe it.... just over a month and I am officialy done with law school!

Next.... on to the invitations!

Oh, and yummy tastings!


I am printing. I am babysitting the printer. It doesn't like to pull pages straight. It is screwy. No, just askew. It is a beautiful printer. Soon the save the dates will be done. Soon I may remember that the law books are calling my name.

The best news is.... i have my bridal party. They are the best women I know. Strong and smart and wonderful. We will post all about them soon!

Next good news is..... I have my dress! It is beautiful and lovely.

Now..... back to the printer!

OMG! I can blog!

It will take me awhile to figure out how to post things here, but we figured it would be a good way to keep everyone up-to-date on the planning and events! Content coming soon! We promise!

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