we are excited to bring our family and friends together in chicago for our wedding ceremony.

the ceremony will be at the hotel monaco -- in the athens room.

the style, if you will, will be "spiritual chic". we are very proud of the values and life lessons we have learned from our families and it is those things that we will focus on during the ceremony.

the officiant will be tanya fickenscher -- who is a very close friend to both alison and eric.

the ceremony will begin at 500pm and the program will include:


greeting -- tanya fickenscher

pouring and drinking of wine -- pamela & thomas ladd, kathleen & john parucki, alison & eric

reading -- lisa parucki

reading -- thaddeus ladd

vows and exchanging of rings -- tanya fickenscher, alison & eric


a cocktail reception will immediately follow the ceremony. more information on that is located on the reception page.