what better way to start a reception than...

a cocktail hour! the cocktail hour will begin immediately following the ceremony and will be located in the foyer outside the athens and paris rooms at the hotel monaco.

eric tried his absolute hardest to have taquitos and bagel bites available for the cocktail hour, but, as alison will tell you... the closest we are getting is mini beef wellingtons.

the reception will take place in the paris ballrooms at the hotel monaco.

there will be dancing. eric finds this frightening. alison will certainly need to teach him a simple box step or the first dance will closely resemble the last 10 minutes of a high school dance.

the bar is set! check it out!

the menu is set! check it out!

we have a band! woo! the big sweaty men will be bringing some rhythm and blues to the reception. the "sweatys" are not only amazing, but are family friends as well!

we will be bringing in a great tradition from eric's family and friends that has seen many weddings, parties, new year's eves, street crossings and just about anything else you can think of. CHILI. no, not the food. it is a drink -- for lack of a better term -- and you will need to see it (in a paul bunyan sized brandy snifter) and try it to believe it.

one other item of note... alison and eric absolutely love children. they are currently deciding on having between 1 and 27 kids, but... the reception really skews to the "adult" side based on the time of day and the way it is formatted.