day 12 blog -- shannon to nyc

up before dawn. ugh. up so early that the u.s. west coast hockey games were still going on. which weirded us out. but we had to get a move on.

room at clarion limerick - limerick

we packed up the car and were on the road just as the sun was coming up. eerily reminiscent of our arrival!

the airport is about a half an hour's drive from limerick. the airport was quiet and surrounded by heavy security. we got the car returned and checked in with continental. with time to kill we hit duty free and stocked up on some more irish whiskey!!!! and we were headed home.

the flight was great.

in the sky...

another 757-200 with international first class. this time, the entertainment systems came in handy and eric watched a few movies while alison dozed off. the food was plentiful and tasty!


we touched down on time in newark and headed back home...

all told we drove through countless towns, stayed in galway, enfield, dublin, kilkenny, cobh, and limerick. we passed though 14 counties - clare, galway, roscommon, westmeath, offaly, meath, dublin, kildare, carlow, kilkenny, waterford, cork, tipperary, and limerick. we could not have had a better time. we want to go back. we want to travel to the north. and we want to spend some more time in dublin. we are already planning in our heads our next trip!