day 5 -- enfield/mullingar/trim

alison at the spa!

today was our spa day. the spa was amazing. very relaxing and well worth it! there is even a picture or two inside the spa.

cathedral of christ the king in mullingar

although we were relaxed and comfy after spending the morning being pampered at the spa, we still made the most of our day. back in the car we go and hop on the n4 to mullingar. we visited the cathedral of christ king (check out the photos) and wandered about the town.

leaving mullingar we hopped on a smaller rural road (r156) to go to trim. on our way there it began to really rain. up to now we had a few sprinkles here and there, but mostly the weather was very nice and the clouds would clear for at least part of the day.

in/around trim...

upon arriving in trim we had to break out the umbrellas for the first time as we walked around town and then to trim castle.

trim castle is fairly well known. one of its claims to fame is that it was the castle used for almost all the castle backdrops in braveheart (which, of course, we rented and watched again upon returning home).

at trim castle...

trim castle is quite unique in that it has never been restored - it is a true ruin. they give daily guided tours and our tour guide was certainly a great source of info. as we were waiting for the next tour to start, the skies suddenly cleared and produced the most magnificent double rainbow we had ever seen!

rainbow at trim castle...

all it was missing was the leprechaun with a pot of gold at its end!

rainbow at trim castle...

there are many spectacular pictures of the rainbow posted.

the tour of the castle was fascinating. we learned a lot about the norman history in ireland, about castle living and engineering, as well as some insider information on the filming of braveheart. t

views from top of trim castle...

he views from the top of the castle are beautiful as well! by far, our trip to trim was one of the highlights of the honeymoon!

then it was back to the hotel for dinner. we had made reservations in the super pavilion restaurant. eric had a delicious tomato and scallion tart and diver scallops with beets and couscous. alison had am amazing cream of broccoli soup and a tomato and swiss cheese stuffed chicken breast. we enjoyed a nice bottle of australian shiraz and each other's company. this is also when we learned that waiters in ireland don't really come back to bother or check in on you once you've been served. we sat around for quite some time before finally getting their attention for a check!

then we returned to our room with full bellies to listen to the sabres game and call it a wonderful day.