day 7 -- dublin

the beginning of a new week sees us leaving the pub, and the "country", as we were off to dublin.

enfield marriott...

we paid for the stay at the spa with points, but with the add-ons of meals and spa treatments this definitely was not a free stay! ouch. thank god we paid for the room with points!

alpine cleaners on the way to dublin...

we opted to stay off the main toll road as there was no good sight seeing from it. so onto the n4 heading east through maynooth. then a bit north (for the sights) to the r157 through dunboyne. no matter what the route, you will end up in city traffic. ugh. this is the first, and only, time we got stuck in any traffic. and the only place where we had to deal with "city" traffic. slowly but surely we skirted the river liffey to o'connell street and the hotel gresham.

beginning the bus tour -- dublin

we arrived in dublin well before our check in time, so we found a nearby car park and immediately purchased a 24-hour off-and-on ticket for a dublin city bus tour. we felt we would make the most of our travels through the city this way, as we had only scheduled 2 days in dublin. dublin can certainly be a walking city -- and was for us in many ways -- but the tour bus allowed us to do two important things: a) not have to figure out public transportation in the short time we had and b) have something that we could use to map out a plan of things we wanted to see by touring the whole city by bus first.

luckily the first stop on the bus was outside our hotel, so onto the bus we went.

we were on a mission to find the ticket booth for the viking splash tours. this is a similar tour to the duck tours in boston, if you happen to know them. basically you are in a amphibious vehicle, and do both a land and water tour.

saint patrick

the ticket booth was near st. patricks cathedral.

alison and the light of god...  at saint patrick

once purchasing the tickets we had 2 hours to kill before the tour, so we toured st. patricks. what an incredible cathedral!! there was so much to see inside, and outside, the building.

saint patrick

every three feet there was something of interest -- so you do the "museum shuffle" along the side.

saint patrick

it was both majestic and had a feeling of "home" as many great churches do.

we then hopped back on the bus to the hotel to get checked in. then scrambled back on the bus to make it back in time for the viking tour. and scramble we did, as we nearly missed the departure. (the last of the day)

so off we were.

alison the viking! - dublin

yelling and shaking our fists at tourists and wearing viking hats. the land tour was typical, but the water tour brought us into the grand canal basin. there is a lot of new development in this area, including lots of new waterfront condos.

U2 recording studio - dublin

but the best site was the recording studio where u2 recorded their last album.

now that we weren't on a schedule, we leisurely took the bus around the city and took in the history.

in/around dublin at night

by the time we returned to the hotel we were beat. so tired that room service was all we could manage to get ourselves to eat. the food at the gresham was great. eric had a nice steak. alison had a yummy prawn pasta. after dinner we were out cold.

this was by far our longest day of being out and about mostly by foot, and put us to bed the earliest yet!