day 9 -- dublin to kilkenny

we woke up to miserable weather. rain rain rain. luckily this was our only day of bad weather. after looking outside we thought we would laze around inside and stayed in bed for awhile.

GPO - dublin

unfortunately we couldn't linger long as we needed to check out and move on. before we left, we walked, in the rain, to the general post office (gpo) in dublin, which was just down o'connell street from the hotel. it was time to send some postcards. there is quite a bit of history that surrounds the gpo. most notably, it served as the headquarters of the leaders during the easter rising of 1916.

GPO - dublin

the assault of the british forces extensively damaged the building - although it has been restored, the original columns outside are still pocked with bullet-marks.

spire/GPO - dublin

besides it was our last chance to walk by the spire of dublin, aka the spike, aka the stiletto in the ghetto, aka the stiffy by the liffey.

so we got back on the road.

kill (an chill) - on the way to kilkenny

it had been nice to not drive for a few days... the ultimate destination for the day was kilkenny, but we had marked off a few stopping points along the way. unfortunately, it was not a good day to be out wandering. we had planned to find the high cross near timoline and moone, and the brownshill dolmen near carlow. but the rain was coming down in thick sheets and visibility was very poor.

RAIN! leaving dublin...

neither of these were well marked, and after trying to chase some signs around we eventually gave up and decided to head straight to kilkenny and get out of the rain.

on arrival at kilkenny, we had our first, and only, difficulty finding the hotel, and more specifically its car park. didn't help that it was pouring. after trying in vain to find the right car park, we parked nearby and checked in. then went back out in the rain to move the car. we stayed at zuni, a small boutique hotel/townhouse. it was lovely, but definitely not our favorite. we picked it as it was rumored to have the best restaurant in town.

because there was still a good part of the day left, but nothing indoors to do, we ventured out in the rain. good thing we had umbrellas. we found the local grocery, and decided to pop in for some wine and snacks and call it a day as we were completely soaked through. we made a reservation at the restaurant and headed back to the dryness of our room.

zuni - kilkenny

dinner at zuni was absolutely wonderful. it is rated one of the best restaurants in the town for a reason! the guidebook called it "chic." and it was definitely one of the most hip and "modern" restaurants we went to. the atmosphere was a great as the food. alison had a mushroom and blue cheese phyllo appetizer and a tomato and onion risotto with goat cheese.

eric at zuni - kilkenny

eric had a tomato and blue cheese bruschetta to start, and seared scallops with a smoked haddock risotto with a hint of curry. again, we paired our meal with a nice australian shiraz.

after dinner it was still raining, so we made an early night of it, hoping for better weather in the morning.