so much to know, so little time.

where is alison from?

alison is from the city of big shoulders...... chicago, of course!

where is eric from?

eric is originally from depew, ny -- a suburb of buffalo, ny.

how did alison and eric meet?

alison and eric met on the montel williams show.


alison and eric actually met at a bar. in new york city. go figure. they met at a bar named rocky sullivan's. but that's not anywhere near half the story...

da facts:

first of all, eric used to live above rocky sullivan's. but when they met, eric lived in jersey city, nj.

second of all, eric was on a date with another woman at the time.

third, the date eric was on involved THAT date's circle of friends.

fourth, THAT circle of friends was ALSO alison's circle of friends.

fifth, eric ALREADY knew some of that circle of friends from playing league pool in nyc.

sixth, eric slyly slipped alison his number.

seventh, alison and eric connected less than 72 hours later at the musical box. (another bar...)

eighth, we are getting married on 7 october 2006.

where do alison and eric live?

alison and eric live in a mad phat apartment in lower manhattan just a few blocks from south street seaport, wall street and less than a block from the brooklyn bridge.

what does alison do for a living?

alison just took the ny state bar exam in july 2006. she will be returning to the law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP in september 2006 as an associate attorney.

what does eric do for a living?

eric is a technology savvy executive. really. currently, he works for agilysys, a $2B value added reseller and distributor of high end technology product and services, as a practice manager for the services division's largest technology practice.

what does alison do for fun?

hmmm...... that's a tough one. alison has been working full-time and going to law school at night for the past 4 years. she has forgotten what 'fun' is. right now she is enjoying some time off and looks forward to catching up on 'fun' reading! there is a pile of books sky high waiting for her. but for the immediate future she is enjoying staying in the air conditioning and catching up with old friends over beer!

what does eric do for fun?

eric has two main outlets for fun. hockey and poker. eric is an avid buffalo sabres fan and plays hockey for three different teams at chelsea piers in new york city. in addition, eric plays online poker with the hopes of someday going pro. honest.