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honeymoon - day 8

24 october -- dublin

distance traveled --

by car: 0 kilometers


day 8 blog!

day 8 photos!

gresham hotel


honeymoon - day 7

23 october -- enfield,dublin

distance traveled --

by car: 66.2 kilometers


day 7 blog!

day 7 photos!

gresham hotel


honeymoon - day 6

22 october -- enfield,navan,knowth

distance traveled --

by car: 118.9 kilometers


day 6 blog!

day 6 photos!

marriott johnstown house


honeymoon - day 5

21 october -- enfield,mullingar,trim

distance traveled --

by car: 107.5 kilometers


day 5 blog!

day 5 photos!

marriott johnstown house


honeymoon - day 4

20 october -- enfield,tullamore

distance traveled --

by car: 116.3 kilometers


day 4 blog!

day 4 photos!

marriott johnstown house


honeymoon - day 3

19 october -- galway,enfield

distance traveled --

by car: 164.7 kilometers


day 3 blog!

day 3 photos!

marriott johnstown house


honeymoon - day 2

18 october -- shannon,galway

distance traveled --

by car: 66.9 kilometers


day 2 blog!

day 2 photos!

park house hotel 


honeymoon - day 1

17 october -- nyc, shannon

distance traveled --

by air: 3114 miles


day 1 blog!

day 1 photos!


*new* permissions!

we have set up some new permissions on the site to keep some private info, um, private.

information on directions, accomodations, etc... for the nyc party have been enabled only for registered users as the party is at our home and, as much as we would like to publish our address, phone number and directions for the internet to see -- we decided against it.

there is also information available for certain registered users on the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner(again, at a private home). and... the honeymoon!

getting a look at this info is VERY simple. just register for an account, log in and go for it!

chicago wedding bar menu

not only did we pay special attention to the menu for this wedding, we, of course, put some thought (and, maybe, tasting) into the bar as well!

the bar will include --


sycamore lane cabarnet (note: PDF file)

geyser peak sauvignon blanc


labatt blue -- eric fave

miller lite -- alison fave


amstel light

kaliber (non-alcoholic)

notes: labatt blue, a canadian beer, is fantastic -- even more so if you are from buffalo! no, we will not have "bud".


jameson whiskey -- eric fave

absolut vodka

tanqueray gin

mount gay rum

cuervo gold tequila

dewars scotch

christian brothers brandy

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