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last post before exams!

Thanks to all of you who have called or emailed since receiving our save the dates. For the amount of work we put into designing the postcards it is nice to know they were well liked!

Just wanted to give you a short update before I fall into study hell! So this may be my last post for nearly a month!

I bought my shoes for the wedding. I can't seem to find a picture of them online anywhere. Guess I will have to dig my digital camera out! Eric and his father looked overjoyed when I dragged them shoe shopping with me! :P

We desperately need to make it to Chicago, but alas cannot find the time. Damn you exams!!!!!!! Can anyone create another week or two for us in the month of May?

Check one more thing off the list!

The Save-The-Dates are in the mail! I feel like I can go back to studying for finals now! Can you believe it.... just over a month and I am officialy done with law school!

Next.... on to the invitations!

Oh, and yummy tastings!


I am printing. I am babysitting the printer. It doesn't like to pull pages straight. It is screwy. No, just askew. It is a beautiful printer. Soon the save the dates will be done. Soon I may remember that the law books are calling my name.

The best news is.... i have my bridal party. They are the best women I know. Strong and smart and wonderful. We will post all about them soon!

Next good news is..... I have my dress! It is beautiful and lovely.

Now..... back to the printer!

printing save the date cards... sucks.

this is craziness. hours and hours and hours trying to add/subtract literally tenths of an inch. printing and re-printing with both of us standing there like overcaffeinated birdwatchers encouraging the paper to come out and, then, the inevitable "dammit!" when we did not see what we wanted.

"shift the top margin". "shift the label width".

friggin' postcards.

there is way too much math involved with this. i swear to god -- we looked for a slide rule at one point.

OMG! I can blog!

It will take me awhile to figure out how to post things here, but we figured it would be a good way to keep everyone up-to-date on the planning and events! Content coming soon! We promise!

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