we will be hosting an nyc par-tay on saturday 14 october 2006 starting at 600pm

new york city is a very special place for us and we want to share our wedding joy with as many folks as possible. what better way to do that than to have... a new york par-tay!

the dress code is: "hockey casual"

what is "hockey casual"? to start with, any hockey jersey is fully appropriate. we will have the sabres/rangers game on the tv. shorts always work. cargo shorts are best. long sleeve shirts with short sleeve shirts over them are good. the point is.... although this party will be CLASSY (trust me, the professional cleaners have been here for hours today and we spent all night, last night, rearranging the living room) -- we do not want people to feel like they have to dress up. come as you are!

on the food side of the house....

we will have a wide assortment of victuals including taquitos(!), pizza rolls, crab rangoon, mini sandwiches, veggies and more...!!

we will also have a mad phat tiramisu cake from venieros!

on the drink side of the house...

we will have a few different red wines, a nifty pinot grigio and a special vodka based cocktail!